A Message from Mrs. Pena...

Sweet Superstars,
     THANK YOU!  I thank you and your parents for choosing to be brave and doing what’s best for your education. Deciding to send you to school was a very difficult decision for every parent.  However, you returned and we had an awesome year trying to get adjusted again and catching up with learning.
     It was an extremely challenging year but we adapted, adjusted, and continued to push forward.  As Superstars, you continued to shine in the classroom, library, and other activities we had throughout the year.  Staff…. words alone can’t describe how much I appreciate your efforts, dedication, and commitment to our Superstar community…THANK YOU!
     I wish you all a great and safe summer.  Have fun go out there and swim, ride your bike, visit family and most importantly READ for 15 minutes every day.  Keep monitoring COVID-19 numbers, if they increase wear your mask to protect yourself and your loved ones.  
Goodbye 2021-2022!   Hellllooo Summer 😊
Respectfully <3
Trinidad B. Peña